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Emergency Towing From Central Towing In Scottsdale

Did your engine fail and you are stuck in traffic?

Did your vehicle break down in the middle of the road?

Did you have an accident and need your ca to be towed?

Do you need automotive assistance to get your vehicle moving again?

Your vehicle may break down on the side of the road unexpectedly and it can be very frustrating. When you need to move your vehicle, you require the services of a towing company that can respond speedily and resolve your dilemma professionally.

Central Towing of Scottsdale can meet that need. Expert, prompt emergency towing and roadside service is our forte.


Our Clients Are Like Family

Whenever a client calls, we treat them like family – we respond immediately and deliver exceptional service because we don’t want our family to be stuck on the road.

We will never leave you isolated or trapped – our licensed, insured professional drivers and roadside emergency specialists will be on the way as soon as a call the received and a solid plan of action is determined.

Your location is determined via high-tech GPS and our friendly, highly-experienced and well-trained staff are dispatched equipped with reliable vehicles and substantial equipment to rescue our clients.

In a roadside emergency, you don’t have to panic – as soon as you make that call to our 24-hour hotline, we make it our goal to surpass your expectations. We will arrive at your location quickly and tow your vehicle to your preferred destination ASAP.

Why Choose Central Towing in Scottsdale for Emergencies?

Emergency Roadside Help

Aside from emergency towing during road mishaps, Central Towing Scottdale can serve you through:

  • Kick-start a dead battery
  • Changing flat tires
  • Towing your vehicle to the nearby tire shop when needed
  • Open accidentally locked cars
  • Emergency call out
  • Check and repair of malfunctioning engine
  • Mechanical labor at breakdown location
  • Refuel your tank so you can go to the nearest gas station
  • Perform other semi-road service repairs when needed
  • Tow the vehicle to the closest repair facility when necessary
  • Provide temporary vehicle when required

When you have a vehicle breakdown, make sure to call Central Towing Scottsdale, AZ for reliable service! We are ready and able – all day, all week.

Central Towing Scottsdale AZ’s ultimate goal is to reach you or your driver immediately to ascertain safety and to reduce downtime. Customer support is pivotal in our service as we strive to follow through and maintain contact with you until the situation is resolved, especially upon identification of a possible dangerous situation.

On-Demand Help

Whether you need to have your vehicle towed or repaired in the wee hours of morning or in the dead of night, you can connect with our 24/7 dispatch number and you can trust that we will be there to respond to any emergency.

We guarantee an on-time arrival as well as quick, efficient job at an affordable cost.

We Have You Covered!

When something unexpected happens with your vehicle, relieve yourself of the stress and the struggle. Get quick, professional emergency towing and roadside service. Give us a call and we will come find you and serve you.

Travel with confidence and peace of mind. We are here for you.

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